Guests at the Five-Star Conrad New York during January 2019 will find me in their bedroom

The idea of placing a complimentary book in hotel rooms is not new – open a bedside drawer in almost any hotel room and there’s a good chance you’ll find a copy of the Gideon Bible, placed there by an evangelical Christian association which, since 1908, has distributed an incredible two billion bibles in 100 languages in 200 countries. Yes…two billion – and they continue to do so, at a rate of 220,000 every single day!

Millions of guests have been gifted a copy of ‘Be My Guest’ – Conrad Hilton’s excellent autobiography – which for decades graced the nightstand of every Hilton hotel room in the world. His rags-to-riches story makes compelling reading, despite its understandably dated style (it was published in 1957, after all). The book’s value lies in Hilton’s honesty and self-awareness, particularly regarding his personal failings, and his ten ‘rules for success’ live on today in the six core values which serve as the foundation of the entire Hilton Business.

1908: The Ten commandments. 1957: Conrad Hilton’s Ten Rules for Success …. and now, with 2019 barely a day old, Trust Rules has joined this exclusive club!

I was delighted to learn the great news that guests at New York’s Five-Star Conrad Hotel will receive a complimentary copy of Trust Rules throughout January 2019, in collaboration with Bedside Reading – a program aimed at the world’s most powerful influencers, which places complimentary best-sellers at the bedside of luxury hotels across the U.S.

Last August, Conrad New York became the first business-focused hotel to provide both business and leisure guests with this way to unplug and enrich their minds while traveling, and I’m thrilled and honored that they have selected Trust Rules as their Book for January. Every suite-guest will be given a complimentary copy to take home or read during their stay, which is a big deal because it means that throughout January thousands of decision makers, influencers and CEOs will be waking up next to Trust Rules on their nightstand.

That’s my year already ‘made’ – and it’s still only 2nd January! I wish a happy, peaceful and rewarding 2019 to you and your loved ones.


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